Loss of Time

It's weird. Whenever I hear this song I feel sadness, not for the animals in our lives that we lose, and perhaps this is because I have never lost a pet, but instead I feel sadness for time slipping away. I think the video resonates with me more than the song, and yet, it is the song that makes the feeling of loss of my history resonate so heavily with me. The feeling that this song envelopes around me is intense. The girl in this video feels compelled to remember her friends, to look upon them, however she does so with such shame and guilt because she knows that she no longer has time for them. What a great regret that is and yet should we not just accept that this is inevitable?  

To me, the girls looks as though she has a deep sadness in her that she knows those friends are there, but she has more important events, people and experiences that she would rather think about. This is merely my perspective on this video. I think she should be more accepting of the loss of time. It is something beyond our control. But more than this, I think not so much of the loss of time, but of the loss of time that we have with friends, family and acquaintances with whom with have encountered in our lives that become less important for one reason or another. 

Over the years it has become more and more apparent to me how important real, genuine and long-lasting friendships and relationships are. I've learnt to hold on to the friendships, family and acquaintances that mean a great deal to me because of the value of their companionship, love and friendship is to me and of the overall good feeling it gives me to be in these peoples presence. Also, being a part of their lives means gives me so much joy. 

Love Ruby x 

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